A failed Soya experiment!

More than a month ago, I tried to grow me some Soya sprouts so we can have some of this and this.

Unfortunately, for some unknown reason the beans started became spoiled and smelly to the point that I was already more than a week and there still no sign of sprout coming out of the beans. I even notice that some beans have molds growing on them, which explains the funky smell.

I did follow the steps indicated here and I followed them to the “T”. The only explanation that I could think of is that the soya beans that I used are old, we probably have those soya beans for more than a year now, why they did not produce and sprouts. 🙂

I will probably try growing some soya sprouts but until I can buy me some new beans, I’ll just keep looking at those soya sprouts dishes with a heavy heart and “empty stomach”.