This site is written and maintained by me, Abiel. That’s my picture below, you may have or have not met my analog self (which I think you should!) but I usually spend lots of time online, reading, writing, interacting with lots of digital people.

This is my personal blog and this is where I digitally collect and share things that I love and hate but mostly things that are not published on NewsHero or just about anything under the sun.

About me;

I’m also a contributor of the old Technorati.

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About the site;

  • The domain have been online since Feb-2013, it’s the reincarnation of, which have been suspended by Google.
  • I’m using WordPress for my CMS.
  • A modified theme designed by IAMWW and Upstart Blogger. I tried using other themes but for some reason, I keep going back to this template.
  • Notepad++ for my text and code editor.
  • PSP for my photo editor

Disclaimer: I’m not the world’s best writer, so be gentle with me. 🙂

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